T.J. MILLER is one of the most sought after comedians in the world, certainly the northern part of the western hemisphere. He has been diligently working to make people laugh for over fifteen years, and is driven by the altruistic mission statement that life is fundamentally tragic and the best thing he can do is provide an ephemeral escapism from that tragedy which permeates everyday life by doing comedy. He has been performing his absurdist observational stand up act worldwide for over 15 years.

His hour-long comedy specials T.J. MILLER: NO REAL REASON (Comedy Central) and T.J. MILLER: METICULOUSLY RIDICULOUS (HBO) are available to stream now wherever streaming content is streamed. You may recognize his non-animated face and body from his roles in DEADPOOL 1 & 2, TRANSFORMERS 4, SILICON VALLEY, OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY, READY PLAYER ONE etc.

He resides in New York City, NY, where he struggles to find meaning in an uncertain world. He is first and foremost, and always will be, a comedian. His stand up is “Smooth Like Fire, Hip Like Lincoln.” He will work until his death to make you happy. He loves you. Come and enjoy him perform in Helsinki 5.6.2020 at On The Rocks club.

On The Rocks, Helsinki
20.00 doors open
21:00 Showtime
Age limit: K-18

TICKET SALE begins friday 13.3. at 9.00 am!
Tickets: 35€ (includes ticket fee)
Buy your tickets only from: www.tiketti.fi